• Alpina – the red winner

    Alpina – the red winner


    Swedish cross-country skiers Marcus Hellner, Johan Olsson, Charlotte Kalla, Stina Nilson, Emma Wiken, Sara Lindborg and many others compete in recognisable red Alpina ski boots, developed in Slovenia. The Alpina cross-country ski boots are also the firs choice of Olympic and World Cup winners in cross-country and biathlon.

    The Slovene brand Alpina is a guarantee for high quality manufacture, innovative solutions and user friendly design. Alpina's programme of sports shoes includes cross-country and alpine ski boots, and shoes for outdoor activities like trekking and mountaineering. Alpina's most important product group is the cross-country ski boots, which has the leading market share in the world.

    More promising innovations this year

    In the beginning of February at the ISPO Munich 2015 international sporting goods fair Alpina again presented interesting new solutions, among which a new generation of racing ski boots Elite 2.0 and a new adult ski boot Elite are the most noteworthy.

    New racing boot ELITE 2.0 >> VIDEO

    When developing new collection of cross-country ski boots for the winter 2015/16, Alpina focused on the Elite Racing line, intended for racers at the highest level, and the Racing line, intended for demanding cross-country amateurs. Racers at the highest level can choose between two innovative models ESK 2.0 and ECL 2.0. The main features are the new "Active Edge Carbon" parts, which provide the necessary support and are also very light. The boots are much softer at critical points, which significantly reduces the chance of developing blisters. Alpina is the first manufacturer to integrate such a solution, which is a step ahead of the competition.

    The best racers are excited

    Another new feature is a sole composed of two pars, where only the tip and the heel are plastic, while the part in the middle is made of carbon, which further reduces the weight of the boot. Since the heel support and the lower part of the sole are made from a single piece of carbon, this increases torsional stiffness. Elite racers, who already tested the boots, love them and believe they are an important step forward for the company.

    Comfort also for very demanding recreational athletes

    The boots, intended for very demanding amateur cross-country skiers, have a refreshed graphic design and interior in order to increase comfort, to be easy to put on and take off, and are better insulated. Alpina designed a completely new line of summer boots for cross-country roller skiing, which is ambitious enough for Alpina to remain the leading brand in the world in the segment.

    A grand entrance into the alpine skiing segment

    Another important innovation in Alpina's collection is a new adult alpine ski boot Elite. With it Alpina is again one of the important manufacturers of alpine ski boots. Among many new features, Alpina point out three, which are unique in the world: a material with similar stiffness properties in warm and cold weather, a ski/hike mechanism, which can be adjusted with a ski pole, and InTemp control system, where users can adjust the temperature within the boot with an integrated heater. With appropriate adjustment the boots practically by themselves provide the right temperature for your feet and also wick away the moisture from sweating.

    New adult alpine ski boot Elite >> VIDEO