• STINA NILSSON - the winner of first individual XC sprint in Ruka

    STINA NILSSON - the winner of first individual XC sprint in Ruka

    November 2016

    First race, first win for Stina Nilsson (SWE) & Alpina. Perfect start in new season. Congrats, Stina!

    Photo: NordicFocus

  • PETTER NORTHUG back to Alpina

    PETTER NORTHUG back to Alpina

    November 2016


    Petter Northug, Norwegian cross-country skier, World & Olympic champion and much more...with a little help from Alpina ELITE 2.0 cross-country skiing boots, well prepared waiting for a new season & World Championship in Lahti 2017.

    “I contacted Alpina because they are passionate about ski boots. They work diligently and continuously to develop better products, which is something you notice when you have ski boots on your feet for up to 30 hours a week,” said Petter.

    Northug and Alpina have worked together previously, resulting in a total of 11 World Championships and Olympic gold medals. Northug’s switch is part of his preparations for an important season, with the World Championships in Lahti in February 2017 as the highlight.

    Not only Petter Northug, a number of top athletes, like Finn Haagen Krogh, Anders Gløersen, Niklas Dyrhaug, Eirik Brandsdal, Charlotte Kalla and Johan Olsson, compete on Alpina boots and we are very proud on it.

    Together towards new victories.



    Oktober 2016

    RAISE YOUR GAME with new Alpina ECL 2.0 classic boot

    it is so thin and light and strong.

    Alpina's unique single piece moulded carbon chassis is integral - to the boot, to your foot and your entire ski experience. It is so thin and flexible it brings your foot closer than ever to the ski and the ground beneath it, for optimal contact, control and fel.Yet it is so light and hold you back, making the entire stroke cycle powerful, clean and efficient.

    Used by the world's best athletes, the Alpina Elite series is at the pinnacle of nordic boot development. With our team's priceless cooperation during R&D and testing phases, we are able to find innovative solutions delivering fine-tuned fit and volume and excellent function to weight ratio.

    video ELITE 2.0