• New Alpina at ISPO

    New Alpina at ISPO

    Februar 2015

    The Show has finaly started!

    New Alpina booth, new generation of XC racing boot Alpina ELITE 2.0, new downhill ski boot Alpine ELITE for adults, new collections, new colours, new inovations, new solutions, new energy!

    New XC racing boot ELITE 2.0 >> VIDEO

    New adult alpine ski boot Elite >> VIDEO

    For new victories! 

    Winning as a lifestyle!

  • Meet us at ISPO 2015

    Meet us at ISPO 2015

    Februar 2015


    Alpina is proud to present new Alpina ultra light elite winning boot ALPINA ELITE 2.0.

    Made for champions. 

    Advanced solutions: easy removable carbon cuffs, Active Edge Carbon, 45 degree Lacing solution, Carbon sole. 

    Advanced carbon sole is absolute light and versatile. 

    Comfort and foot support is provided by advanced Active Edge Carbon.

    Advanced side stability for optimal energy transfer from leg to snow.

    Customize your boot with easy removable carbon cuffs. 

    You are welcome to meet Red champion at Alpina booth at ISPO Munich 2015.


    This year's show will be 'HOT AS HELL'.

    Alpina present new all day, all weather, all mountain ski boot ELITE.

    Skiing without Freezing.

    The new Alpina Intemp integrated heatin system.

    4 DRY liner with 4DRY ventilation system which keeps your feet dry. 

    New, light ski boot with X Frame construction and ski & hike mode.


    MORE>> soon at Alpina booth at ISPO Munich 2015.

  • Stina Nilsson was the best Alpina racer in Otepää

    Stina Nilsson was the best Alpina racer in Otepää

    Januar 2015

    Stina Nilsson (SWE) on Alpina boots and Ida Ingemarsdotter (SWE) won the ladies team sprint in free technique in Otepää yesterday.  Beside this Stina Nilsson was second in the ladies sprint in Classic technique on Saturday.

    Alpina racers Anders Gloersen (NOR) and Finn Haagen Krogh (NOR) won the second place in men team sprint.