• Tour de ski has finished successfully for Alpina racing team

    Tour de ski has finished successfully for Alpina racing team

    Januar 2013

    With the Sunday's the toughest race in the Alpe de Cermis, Tour de Ski has ended. In the women's competition it means a total of 50 km, in men's total 90 km long test in seven stages.

    Among women, the victory goes to last year's winner of the Tour de ski Justya Kowalczyk. Excellent 6 th place won Norwegian Heidi Weng with excellent race on last test.

    Among men four favorites Northug, Vylegzhanin (both Alpina racing team),  Cologna and Legkov, were fighting for medals through the all matches. Definitely for us is one of the most exciting Tour-s so far. The first four contestants were through the matches separated by only 15 seconds.

    The winner was decided by the final test, where the most power had Legkov, our best athletes Vylegzhanin and Northug were placed on  the excellent third and fourth place.


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  • XC WC Tour de ski

    XC WC Tour de ski

    Januar 2013

    After the fist two races New year's Tour de ski  we expect a very close fight for medals in the men's racing team.  The top three racers are separated by only 9 seconds. Currently leads the russian racer Maxim Vylegzanin (Alpina racing team), on the excellent third place is Norvegian Petter Northug.

    In the girls's racing team currently Justyna Kowalczyk leads with a significant advantage. She is also the winner of the Tour de ski 2012. The best racer in Alpina shoes is currently German Denise Herrman. She is absolutely the biggest surprise on this year WC Tour the ski, because she achieves her best rankings so far.

    Tour de ski will continue with pursuit race from Cortina to Toblach.

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  • Pokljuka -  the third Biathlon scene!

    Pokljuka - the third Biathlon scene!

    December 2012

    From sunny Thursday till foggy Sunday, Biathlon athletes compete on Pokljuka in very  different, unpredictable weather conditions.

    Behind Alpina racing team there is one more successful biathlon weekend.  In three men's race they won two victories and two second places.  Jakov Fak, Slovenija,  once again, showed his best performance and won gold medal in 10 km sprint and silver medal in 15 km race.  German Andreas Birnbacher won victory in Sunday 15 km race.

    Among women athletes are the best ranked Magdalena Gwizdon, Poland, and Teja Gregorin, Slovenia.

    Interesting is the fact that  on podium  there were also athletes from different countries. In addition Biathlon superpowers Russia, Germany and Norwey,   were also individuals from other countries. That makes Biathlon even more interesting.

    Congratulations, Alpina Racing team!

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