2010 Red Dot design award

Clever design, innovative materials, and suitable production technology make the PROMISE shoe almost totally biodegradable while also being waterproof and breathable. Its universal shape means it can be worn by men, women, or children, offering them exceptional comfort thanks to its ability to adapt to a multitude of foot shapes. Its quality, ecological compatibility, and emotional content are the reason why PROMISE is an award-winning product.



2009 Red Dot design award | 2009 Good Design award | 2011 German Design Award nominee

BINOM concept was based on the constant striving to manufacture high-quality footwear that perfectly fits any shape of the foot. The key feature of BINOM shoes are four different volumes for one size, and a clever insole that adjusts to the height of the arch as well as to the volume for the left and right foot. Due to its innovative, practical, ergonomic, and durable take on footwear, BINOM has received many international awards.    



2008 Red Dot design award | 2009 Good Design award

The ELITE boot started a revolution in top-quality cross-country ski boots. The overboot cover is made of waterproof elastic material so it can adapt to various foot shapes and sizes, the innovative lacing system ensures a snug fit, and the specially shaped foot bed takes the whole experience to another level. The distinguished look and state-of-the-art features that ensure more efficient skiing with less effort have brought ALPINA ELITE boots not only many medals, but also international recognition by the design community.