First shoe with national brand "I FEEL SLOVENIA"

First shoe with national brand
First shoe with national brand
January 31, 2020

First shoe with national brand "I FEEL SLOVENIA"

We are known as a high-quality footwear brand and a symbol of Slovenian shoemaking. Seeing that this is especially true for our hiking shoes,we want to build-up on this fact and emphasise it by developing the first ever I feel Slovenia shoe. The shoe embodies us and our country.

When we received permission to use the I feel Slovenia national brand one year ago, we immediately started developing new footwear models.

The hiking boot was chosen as the first shoe to bear the national brand name. Surprising? Not at all. The hiking boot was the first shoe ever made by Alpina more than 70 years ago. And which shoe would better represent all the mountain and tourist spots in Slovenia than a hiking boot?

Shoe was entirely developed, designed and made in Slovenia, it combines Slovenian know-how, development and quality. Apart from the new design in the image of the national brand, the shoe has all the features of a high-quality hiking boot, which reflect the constant technological development of our company.


As a result of our constant development, our outdoor programme and innovative collections have been gaining recognition worldwide. By manufacturing the I feel Slovenia shoe we demonstrated our innovative spirit and willingness to invest in the green image of Slovenia and to preserve it. 

The shoe was first presented to the public at the National Conference on the Internationalisation of the Slovenian Economy in Brdo pri Kranju organised by SPIRIT Slovenia and at the Slovenian Advertising Festival in Portorož. In December, we also took part in an official event at the cross-country world cup in Planica. It is interesting to note that 19-year-old Jera Mušić, who became the first Slovenian to walk the Appalachian Trail in 2019, walked a part of the trail in the I feel Slovenia shoes.


The first I feel Slovenia shoe is a result of a joint effort, work and inspiration found in nature. Owing to the way the shoe is fabricated, everyone is able to experience and take home a part of this.





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