Alpina receives the fifth Red Dot Award for design excellence

Alpina receives the fifth Red Dot Award for design excellence
Alpina receives the fifth Red Dot Award for design excellence
May 15, 2023

Alpina receives the fifth Red Dot Award for design excellence

Alpina and Studio Miklavc have received the Red Dot Award for product design for the fifth time, specifically for their PRO line of cross-country ski boots. Marking 50 years since the production of Alpina's first cross-country ski boots. The redesign of the PRO line is based on a systemic approach and a wider view of the brand's overall image.


The company boasts over 76 years of tradition in producing high-quality footwear. It is recognized worldwide for its innovative cross-country ski boots, designed using the latest technologies and materials that provide comfort, stability, and durability. Innovations in developing new footwear technologies are key to the success of both, the competitive and sales programs.


The creator of innovations for cross-country skiing footwear and the leader of the award-winning project, Robert Križnar, stated the following:

˝The development of shoes for cross-country skiing in the highest price categories at the Alpina factory is based on the so-called "fair development", which means that all functional features are actually researched, developed and integrated into the product itself and, in the end, also reinforced with technological solutions and with industrial design image. This principle has accompanied our products for the past 15 years, which reflects in the relatively large number of awards that our products have received over this time period. We want to be able to maintain these values ​​in the future as well.˝

The fruitful cooperation between Alpina's experts and the design team of Studio Miklavc is an example of exceptional synergy between designers and innovators. By working together and striving for improvements, they achieve the perfection of the finished products, which together with technological solutions, ensures optimal fit and maximum efficiency. In Studio Miklavc they added:

˝All design elements, from the selection of appropriate materials, their surface treatments, and the product design, were used in the design solution to communicate advantages to the customer. At the same time, information gathered from the design itself about the differences or similarities between the individual cross-country footwear lines makes it easier for the customers to recognize the qualities and features and improve the user experience with the brand at the same time.˝

Robert Križnar concluded: ˝Shoes from the PRO line are intended for top users, who receive, at an acceptable price range, everything that professional competitors of the World Cup, World Championships, and the Olympic Games run within all cross-country skiing disciplines.˝


About the PRO Line

The Red Dot award was given to the PRO line of models, which includes footwear for both skating and classic cross-country skiing techniques. The innovation of this line is primarily in the sole developed and manufactured by Alpina for both types of shoes. The sole for skating technique has higher cleats at the heel (compared to the sole for diagonal technique), and the cleats at the front of the sole are angled at 45 degrees to the longitudinal axis of the sole, contributing to better torsional stability in the longitudinal direction of the shoe. This sole has an insert made of a mixture of dynamically responsive plastic and carbon fibers, which further contributes to the desired maximum longitudinal stiffness and dynamic responsiveness of the shoe.

The sole for diagonal technique differs from other soles in the position of the metal axis of the sole, through which the footwear is attached to the cross-country ski binding. This axis is moved 10 mm forward, contributing to better quality push-off, as achieving contact between the ski and snow during the push-off is easier, faster, and more efficient, resulting in a stronger push-off, and the ski remaining in contact with the snow for longer during the push-off, which is crucial for diagonal technique. This axis position also shortens the glide wax zone, resulting in higher speed during downhill descents. The height of the cleats on the heel of the sole is slightly lower (compared to the sole for skating technique), and the cleats at the front of the sole are angled at 90 degrees to the longitudinal axis of the shoe, contributing to better and more friendly flexing of the shoe in the ankle area of the foot. This sole also has an insert made of a mixture of dynamically responsive plastic and carbon fibers, which further contributes to better longitudinal stiffness and dynamic responsiveness of the shoe during push-off.

About the RED DOT Award

The Red Dot is an international design award that recognizes great design in various industries. It has been organized since 1955 and attracts thousands of participants from around the world. A major achievement in the field of design, the Red Dot Award evaluates functionality, innovation, and aesthetics.


About Studio Miklavc

Studio Miklavc is a company that focuses on product design, visual communication, brand development, and consulting. They use a strategic approach to ensure that their projects provide value to their clients. Their clients appreciate their unmatched expertise, constant innovation, and unwavering dedication.

Studio Miklavc has been successfully selling their products globally for over a decade, building long-lasting relationships with clients that consistently yield exceptional results. In addition to working with successful Slovenian companies, they also increasingly collaborate with international clients from Europe, Asia, and America.


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