New Pioneer

New Pioneer

New Pioneer

If backcountry adventuring is your passion, then NEW PIONEER
backcountry ski boots and skis will be your perfect companions.
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Your Adventure
begins Now!

Our new backcountry ski boots were designed to accompany you on adventures away from beaten tracks. New Pioneer Vital shoes were built from the sole up to maximize performance with stability and comfort. The upper is constructed out of natural leather for that classic look, durability, and hydrophobic properties.

Combined with solid textile materials, we deliver one of the most lightweight backcountry shoes on the market. The new Rottefella Xplore sole is more flexible and stable. The sole has integrated SpringPin Technology (the Spring pin located at the side of the shoe removes the risk of snow packing). The lining is made with Alpitex membrane which keeps the feet dry during long treks by forcing the sweat away from the skin and the sock while continuously managing the outside moisture and locking out the cold.

New shoes have more than one flex zone for better fitting and that necessary kick you need during long skiing. The addition of the shaped tongue increases the comfort and fit and prevents lace bite.

Tech Features

NEW Rottefella Xplore™ backcountry binding system offers easy step in and out, light weight, unrestricted range of motion and lateral stiffness.
Optimal freedom with three flex zones for maximum mobility.
Brings comfort and reduces lace bite to a minimum.

Pioneer 80

Pioneer 80
The perfect choice for skiers that demand stability, control and edge grip in the ungroomed terrain. Full metal edges provide grip when you need to head downhill or control when you need to traverse across steeper terrain. The camber design aides in flotation and issues easier maneuvering when you need to change course. The skis will be equipped with a new Rottefella Xplore™ mountain ski binding system that provides better mobility when walking and more stabilility.
NEW PIONEER VITAL shoes and skis PIONEER 80 available soon.
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