The NEW Elite 3.0!

The NEW Elite 3.0!
The NEW Elite 3.0!
February 20, 2019

The NEW Elite 3.0!

The world's lightest and most responsive ski boot is ready to breathe! The revolution says goodbye to PVC material and is presenting brand new lightweight, comfortable elastic and most important – breatheable premium upper. For the first time in the world of racing, the circulation of air enables your foot to remain dry and keep your power kick at maximum.

Inhale, exhale, win.

On the critical parts of the boot for the high performance, where breathable upper meets the carbon sole, a thin layer of special membrane is placed to prevent any possible water invading. As a result of this detail, your focus stays only on the track and winning performance.

The free heel and active edge carbon techonolgy are staying there to eliminate heel stress and provide adaptability to various types of heels, maximum power and total control. With ultra light sole construction now transferred to the premium upper part enables you the high performance to set new records.  

For now, the Elite 3.0 ski boots are available only for our chosen athletes. Stay tuned!

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